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Share your best portrait photograph for the chance to become a professional photographer for Getty Images

Mumbai, December 18, 2015 – NDTV Prime in association with Getty Images, the world leader in visual communications, has launched Face of India, the search for India’s best amateur portrait photographer. Open to all people who love photography, the Face of India competition offers Indians the chance to appear on the upcoming Face of India TV show and win the opportunity to become a professional photographer for Getty Images.

The entries will be judged by a renowned panel of experts including leading professional commercial and travel photographer Aditya Arya, Ravi Dhingra, one of India’s most prolific architectural and interiors photographers, and Getty Images specialist portrait photographer Joan Canto who runs The Real People Project.

“With the Face of India I am excited to encourage budding local photographers to capture the beauty of Indian people from their point of view. In a country like India with an abundance of interesting people, there are many special moments to be photographed and shared with the world,” said Getty Images photographer Joan Canto. “I’ll be looking for that single millisecond in time that encapsulates a special moment. It might not be technically perfect, but it should tell a story about the person in the photograph. It should evoke feelings that make us care about the subject. To a certain extent it’s indefinable, but you know it when you see it.”


Face of India Competition

For a chance to work as a professional photographer for Getty Images India, local photographers (Indian nationals only) need to submit their best portrait photographs by 31 December 2015.

Portrait is the theme for the competition as a skilfully captured portrait has the power to move us through its expression and mood. Portraits that speak of happiness, sadness or that reveal a distant thought within the subject’s glance are what the judges are looking for

To submit entries please visit: www.ndtv.com/faceofindia 


Top four hints for capturing great portrait photographs

Getty Images photographer Joan Canto has been capturing faces for The Real People project since 2008. The project features a growing collection of faces of real people –beautiful and unusual – from all over the world. Today his collection has grown to over 300 faces and his work has featured in over 30 advertising campaigns including General Motors, the United Nations and the Red Cross. Here he shares his top hints for being a great portrait photographer:

1 – Be a storyteller – This is the single most important thing when taking a portrait. Almost anyone can take a photo of a person, but a portraitist must turn that subject into a rich character.

2 – Be a psychologist – When we take photographs of humans we try to show what makes them a unique individual. You may not have much time to explore a subject’s personality but you should try to spend some time with them before the shoot, even just a few minutes, to find something that will help to build out their character for the story.

3 – Be a comedian – Keep the session light and funny. If the photo session is easy and relaxed, then the subject will be easy and relaxed. Humour is a good way to lighten the mood – smiles are contagious!

4 – It’s all about the love! If you can’t see the beauty in the person in front of the camera, then no one will see the beauty in your portrait. Be honest and fall in love with what makes the person in front of you a unique individual. Otherwise, you will limit yourself to only taking nice aesthetic pictures of people, not a true portrait.

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