Getty Images Gallery presents Creative Selects: 6 by 6 II

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6 by 6 II at Getty Images Gallery, London Opens 12th July 2016

Getty Images Gallery presents 6 by 6 II, the second installment of the highly successful exhibition designed to celebrate its contemporary fine art print series, Creative Selects.

The show looks to follow on from the triumph of last year’s event showcasing 6 works by 6 contemporary photographers from around the globe.

This exhibition demonstrates the amazing images available from the creative offering at Getty Images, the most trusted and esteemed source of visual content in the world, with over 200 million assets available through its websites. This exhibition illustrates the diversity and the immense skill and prestige of contributing photographers from a hugely varied range of specialties.

Bernhard Lang’s award-winning series wonderfully captures the unexpected graphic beauty of holidaymakers on the beaches of Spain. Rows, lines and colourful umbrellas all contribute to almost unbelievably artistic compositions to excite and surprise the viewer with this rare perspective.

With his unique take on the traditional floral still life, Jonathan Knowles explores beauty obscured with his exquisite flower series, Flores Fluitantes. Evoking the ethereal qualities of time lost, the silky fragility of the petals emerging brings intrigue to these gloriously simple compositions.

Blurring the boundaries between macro and micro landscapes, Daniel Grizelj’s captivating crystal compositions entice the viewer to look closer at the smaller things and find unexpected depth.

Oli Kellet invites the viewer to pause and take a breath in his stunning graphic compositions of people caught unaware performing small, ambiguous tasks. Composed and still, the images’ depth lies in the unseen, allowing the viewer to interpret the images in their own way.

Henrik Sorensen draws the viewer into a world of ambiguity with his enigmatic smoke series. Colourful yet stark, the images ignite juxtaposing interpretations of energy and stillness, beautifully tying together the opposing elements with graphic finesse.

Werner Van Steen’s incredible aerial views of the morphing Icelandic landscape are exceptional in their painterly quality and artistic beauty. Changing within a day, the flood waters that announce the beginning of summer are mother nature’s paint set, enticing the viewer with their breathtaking beauty, exquisitely preserved in the photograph’s embrace.

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