Getty Images Gallery presents Year in Focus 2017

 In Getty Images Gallery

New exhibition showcases the year’s defining images

Year in Focus 2017 on display in London at Getty Images Gallery from 4th January – 3rd February, 2018


Getty Images Gallery is excited to announce the launch of Year in Focus 2017, a retrospective exhibition featuring a stunning curation of images that captured and defined the global news agenda and events of the past year.

In 2017, Getty Images’ editorial team of award-winning photographers provided coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from all corners of the world. They were at the centre of the key news stories and major events, covering more than 160,000 news, sport and entertainment events at home and abroad. Year in Focus 2017 will showcase the most significant moments from the past year, as well as archival anniversaries, portraits and obituaries.

Featured are powerful images that document some of 2017’s most important news events, including the genocide of the Rohingya, Hurricane Harvey and the devastation of Grenfell Tower. The exhibition showcases some of the year’s highest profile entertainment and sporting events, from Cannes Film Festival to Wimbledon and the World Athletics Championships.

As well as images from the past year, the curation includes archival images of Princess Diana to mark 20 years since her death, alongside other anniversaries such as the Russian Revolution and the Hindenburg disaster.

Ken Mainardis, Senior Vice President, Editorial, Getty Images said: “2017 gave us some iconic images – many of them on display in this exhibition – and I feel, a tremendous sense of hope for photojournalism as a key tool of democracy. Storytelling through photojournalism continues to be perhaps the one thing that connects us all globally – that helps us all to be engaged global citizens. Capturing moments of tragedy or triumph, in faraway places or on our doorstep, photography tells us about our past and informs our future.”

To view a selection of the imagery that will be on display, click here.

Year in Focus runs from 4th January – 3rd February 2018 and admission is free. A selection of images will be available for purchase as fine art prints, please enquire here. Getty Images Gallery is situated in central London, just a stone’s throw away from Oxford Circus.  Opening hours are from 10.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, 12.00 to 5.30pm Saturday.

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